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The Saturday List: Krysta with a “Y” on Broadway

Before she was “Liza with a Z” in television’s HALSTON, Krysta with a “Y” was making a name for herself on Broadway – and we’re ranking five of Krysta Rodriguez’s Broadway appearances in today’s Saturday List to celebrate her birthday. Continue reading

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Musical Theatre Sunday School: In Pandora’s Box, There Was Also Hope…

The telling of diverse stories is, of course, not only a challenge for Americans, but also one that faces us all. So, if you’re the kind of person who’d like to share your story with us, what do you do to encourage diversity in the arts in your community? Maybe your groundbreaking work will inspire us all. Continue reading

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High School Musicals, or “Is Show X Appropriate for My Students?”

This question of which shows are appropriate for high school productions is a popular one on musical theatre forums and in Facebook groups about musicals, and has even been the subject of a few stories that have captured the attention of the press and websites. Continue reading

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Musical Theatre Haiku Month: SPRING AWAKENING

Spring Awakening It’s your fault, Mama. Colours of my existence: Silver, blue, purple. Want to write your own Spring Awakening haiku? Head to the comment box and give it a try!

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Musical Theatre Advent Calendar: SPRING AWAKENING

Sometimes Christmas can make you feel a little (emo)tional. And since I’m feeling all emo today, it is time to put Spring Awakening on this year’s musical theatre advent calendar. All right, there are lots of musicals that provide a … Continue reading

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WHISPER HOUSE: the New Duncan Sheik Musical

Following the success of Spring Awakening, Duncan Sheik has released an album entitled Whisper House, which features selections from what will become an original stage musical with book and additional lyrics by Kyle Jarrow. The musical is set during World … Continue reading

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The play upon which the musical adaptation of Spring Awakening is based was written by Frank Wedekind in 1891. The first performance of the play was in 1906 and the first English performance of the play was in 1917. Since … Continue reading

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Tony Award Night Performances

The performances for this year will be: Medley from Spring Awakening “Raunchy” – 110 in the Shade “The Revolutionary Costume for Today” – Grey Gardens “Show People” – Curtains “Step in Time”/”Anything Can Happen” – Mary Poppins “One” – A … Continue reading

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SPRING AWAKENING and “The Song(s) of Purple Summer”

With the Broadway transfer of Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater’s SPRING AWAKENING having opened last weekend and the cast recording having been released earlier in the week, now seems an apt time to have a look at some of the changes that have been made in the show between its Off-Broadway run in August and now. Continue reading

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