Musical Theatre Advent Calendar: SPRING AWAKENING

Sometimes Christmas can make you feel a little (emo)tional. And since I’m feeling all emo today, it is time to put Spring Awakening on this year’s musical theatre advent calendar. All right, there are lots of musicals that provide a super experience for an emo audience, so you might wonder what made me connect this musical in particular with Christmas time, particularly if you only know “The Song of Purple Summer” from the cast recording. Since the time that recording was issued, the song has been revised. Compare these lyrics, heard in the clip above, with those used on the show’s album:

Listen to what’s in the heart of a child:
A song so big and one so small.
Soon you will hear where beauty lies;
You’ll hear and you’ll recall.
The sadness, the doubt, all the loss, the grief
Will belong to some play from the past,
As the child leads the way to a dream of belief
A time of hope through the land…

Isn’t that a huge part of what Christmas is about? I think so.

Got a special Spring Awakening memory? Head on down to the comment box.

Downloads and Purchases from

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Spring Awakening Original Broadway Cast MP3 Album. 2. “The Song of Purple Summer” OBCR Version MP3. 3. Spring Awakening Karaoke Album CD. 4. “The Song of Purple Summer” German Language Version MP3.

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