Movin’ Out

Concept by Twyla Tharp. Music and Lyrics by Billy Joel. The original Broadway production opened on 24 October 2002 and was directed and choreographed by Twyla Tharp.

Synopsis and Musical Numbers

The lives of a group of close friends are forever changed over the course of two turbulent decades. ACT I: Long Island in the ‘60s (OVERTURE: IT’S STILL ROCK AND ROLL TO ME). The king and queen of prom, Brenda and Eddie, are finished (SCENES FROM AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT), while forever sweethearts James and Judy are ready for marriage (REVERIE – VILLA D’ESTE/JUST THE WAY YOU ARE). Their friend, Tony, is looking for that kind of love (MOVIN’ OUT – ANTHONY’S SONG), and finds it with Brenda, who has become her own woman (FOR THE LONGEST TIME / JUST THE WAY YOU ARE; THIS NIGHT; SUMER, HIGHLAND FALLS). War takes the men away from home (WALTZ # 1 – NUNLEY’S CAROUSEL), leaving their loved ones to pick up the pieces (WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE; SHE’S GOT A WAY). James loses his life in combat, while Tony and Eddie return home broken as Judy grieves (THE STRANGER; ELEGY – THE GREAT PECONIC).

In ACT II, The vets try to cobble their lives back together (INVENTION IN C MINOR). Tony can’t seem to find a way to reconnect with Brenda (BIG SHOT; A CONTEST OF PAIN), while Eddie can’t connect with anyone (ANGRY YOUNG MAN). Spiraling into a lonely existence of drugs and self-loathing, Eddie takes a tour through a nightmare of his past, projecting Judy as his guide (CAPTAIN JACK; INNOCENT MAN; GOODNIGHT SAIGON). By chance, he encounters Judy jogging in the park, and her forgiveness allows him to finally set his life back on track (JAMES; RIVER OF DREAMS / KEEPING THE FAITH / ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG). Brenda and Tony rediscover the love needed to heal their wounds (SHAMELESS). The friends reunite to discover they have all found their way back home (I’VE LOVED THESE DAYS).

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Movin' Out Movin' Out Movin' Out Movin' Out

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From left to right above: 1. Movin’ Out Original Broadway Cast CD. 2. The Essential Billy Joel CD. 3. Billy Joel Greatest Hits 1 & 2 CD. 4. Billy Joel Greatest Hits 3 CD. 5. Movin’ Out Vocal Selections.


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