The Phantom of the Opera

[BOOK] Andrew Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe.
[LYRICS] Charles Hart.
[MUSIC] Andrew Lloyd Webber
[SOURCE] Le Fantome de l’Opera by Gaston LeRoux.
[DATES] West End: 1986. Broadway: 1988. Film: 2004.
[RIGHTS] Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatricals.

If ever a musical divided audiences and critics, The Phantom of the Opera is it. No other musical has run longer on Broadway and yet the show only averages a “B” when its reviews are viewed collectively (c.f. StageGrade). Fans embrace the lush orchestrations of tunes they can hum as they leave the theatre, but academics lament the pop sensibilities and repetitive nature of the score. Only in its translation from the page to the stage does the show seem to unite those who view it: headed by Harold Prince, with choreography by Gillian Lynne, the original production was deftly staged and startlingly theatrical, brought to life in a series of glorious and unforgettable designs by Maria Björnson. The epitome of the megamusical production style that was popularised in the 1980s, The Phantom of the Opera is a lushly romantic operetta made modern by all the trappings that contemporary theatre stagecraft has at its disposal.


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Phantom and Friends
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Phantom and Friends
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