Magic Show, The

Book by Bob Randall. Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. The original Broadway production opened on 28 January 1974 and was choreographed and directed by Grover Dale. The production closed on 31 December 178, running for a total of 1 920 performances.

Synopsis and Musical Numbers

In a seedy nightclub, the Top Hat, an aging alcoholic magician, Feldman the Magnificent, chews the scenery in his overly grand performance (UP TO HIS OLD TRICKS). He is supported by Donna and Dina, the rock act in the club (SOLID SILVER PLATFORM SHOES). One of them dates the nephew of a big agent named Goldfarb. Goldfarb is coming to the club to check out Donna and Dina as a favor to the nephew. Everyone is excited, especially Feldman. Manny, the owner of the Top Hat wants to replace him and brings in Doug and his assistant, Cal. Cal is in love with Doug, but he is focused on advancing his career and she thinks she’d have to be a LION TAMER to get him to notice her. Doug is unconventional – in Manny’s opinion, exactly what the Top Hat needs (STYLE).

Meanwhile, Doug pays little attention to Cal and decides that he needs a ‘beautiful assistant’. Cal is hurt and tells him that she is going to go back to WEST END AVENUE. Doug conjures up the beautiful Charmin, who says that when Goldfarb gets a look at her, it’s DOUG’S ACT that he will love (). Donna and Dina get jealous and a little worried and, along with Feldman, plot to expose the secrets to Doug’s tricks during the show (A BIT OF VILLAINY). Doug finally realizes he loves Cal and gets to her before she leaves. Charmin is sent back to wherever she came from and all ends up well.


The Magic Show The Magic Show The Magic Show The Magic Show

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From left to right above: 1. The Magic Show 1974 Original Broadway Cast Recording CD. 2. The Magic Show DVD. 3. The Stephen Schwartz Songbook, including songs from The Magic Show.

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