About Musical Cyberspace

Welcome to Musical Cyberspace – a web page and blog devoted to the wonderful world of musical theatre. Musicals seem to be a part of everybody’s life at some point, whether it’s a yearly viewing of The Sound of Music at Christmas or a daily dose of Sondheim to get you going in the morning – and Musical Cyberspace is here to help call up the wonderful memories that these classic shows hold for you.

Musical Cyberspace has been active online in one way or another since 1998. Heading into 2022, we’re taking a new look at the site. We’ll be cutting through the noise, refreshing the look and layout of the show pages and taking a new look at the regular features to help us to connect with you the best we can.

The perspective from which this site operates is that musical theatre is an art form that deserves intellectual contemplation as well as joyful appreciation. So many people love musical theatre, but struggle to discuss the merits of musicals in a way that moves beyond personal taste and considers technique and craftsmanship. Part of the mission of Musical Cyberspace, then, is to demystify some of the aspects of the context and craft of musical theatre in a way that allows people to discuss their favourite or least favourite musicals in a way that approaches a common language and a degree of objectivity. That said, it is possible to adore a bad show or to find no connection to a show that is meticulously crafted, and the aim here is for us to explore and embrace those contradictions together.

Does that mean that we don’t have any frivolous fun around here? Of course not. Our posts all allow for responses to be made in the form of comments – feel free to add your voice to the discussions that arise from this site! I truly hope to create an environment where people can discuss this art form we all love so dearly, the greatest one of them all: MUSICAL THEATRE!

10 Responses to About Musical Cyberspace

  1. Courtney Denae says:

    Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you…

  2. Amber Skie says:

    I love the site!!! Keep up the good work. Thanx for all the pics and info!

  3. Stephan says:

    Great site! As a performer and theater designer, you have much useful information. Maybe well all see each other on Broadway.

  4. Debbie Wallace says:

    Hello! Thank you for the brilliant work you do to make me smile. 🙂 Best to you. Debbie

  5. Jennifer says:

    I think I’m gonna like it here! Loving 🙂

  6. Sephyr-Patrick Nugent says:

    This is a great website for someone like me who is hungry for more musical theatre information. I’m new to the field and so interested in learning about different shows of the past and this website is a great aid! Thank you.

  7. Cecelia says:

    Love the fact its so frequent! Thanks keep up the great work! 😀

  8. Carolyn Dow says:

    Very nice resource for work and pleasure!

  9. Randy says:

    I really enjoy reading through your work! You cover so much ground and in bite-size morsels that keep you flipping through to see what you might find next! I’d love to know what it inspires you to write.

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