RIP Tom Aldredge

American television, film and stage actor Tom Aldredge has passed away from lymphoma at the age of 83. A wildly prolific actor, he will always be remembered by musical theatre fans for originating the roles of the Narrator and Mysterious Man in Into the Woods and of Doctor Tambourri in Passion. His death comes only six months after that of his wife, the famed costume designer, Theoni V. Aldredge.

Rest in peace.

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7 Responses to RIP Tom Aldredge

  1. Brock Cheek says:


  2. Very sad news. I was lucky to see him on stage 3 times: Into the Woods, Passion and Inherit the Wind. But don’t forget his lasting legacy will be that he created the role of Norman Thayer Jr. in On Golden Pond.

  3. Grace Winpenny says:

    I can’t believe it. 😦

  4. I know. In spite of his age, he was still working regularly. He was just in a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire this past season.

  5. Brian says:

    Who did he play in Inherit the Wind?

  6. Nick Morrison says:

    He was Jeremiah Brown.

    I greatly enjoyed Mr. Aldredge’s performances in Into the Woods and Passion, as well as his TV work. I am sad to hear of his passing – it seems so often to be the way that when one half of such a committed relationship dies, the other follows soon after.

  7. Julia-Anne Smith says:


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