NEWSFLASH: COMPANY in Concert with Neil Patrick Harris

Next year the New York Philharmonic will stage concerts of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s Company with Neil Patrick Harris as Bobby. Lonny Price is directing. No other casting has been announced yet. To go with the announcement, there’s an article about Harris’s casting on the Time Out blog. An extract:

Adam Feldman wrote:
The relevant question raised by this casting is not — pace the absurd uproar earlier this year about Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises — whether an openly gay actor like Harris can play a womanizing character like Bobby…. Rather, the question is whether Bobby can be effectively embodied by an actor who isn’t gay….

To be clear, it’s not a question for me of Bobby, the character, being secretly queer — if his commitment problems with women could be so easily explained, the show would crumble — but rather of the entire show being, in some sense, a product of the closet.

The explication of these points is pretty interesting to read. Thoughts?

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15 Responses to NEWSFLASH: COMPANY in Concert with Neil Patrick Harris

  1. Alex Chen says:

    It’s CHRISTINA HENDRICKS. Not Christina Hendricks.

  2. Gibson DelGiudice says:

    Her name does not need to be in all caps. You just want it to be.

  3. David Fick says:

    Here’s an interesting article about the challenges of rehearsing with such a busy cast with some fantastic news slotted in just by-the-by:

    Dave Itzkoff wrote:
    Mr. Price’s nights will be spent plotting camera angles for the show, which will be filmed in performance and shown in movie theaters in June

    Here’s hoping for a DVD and Blu-Ray release afterwards!

  4. Brock Cheek says:

    For real. A friend of mine saw the show and she said it was the best production of Company that she’s ever seen/heard. I can’t wait to see it. Plus CHRISTINA HENDRICKS is in it!!! SWOON!!!!

  5. Tom Lokensgard says:

    Nobody’s mentioned Stephen Colbert…?

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