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James Lapine and William Finn’s upcoming musical adaptation of Little Miss Sunshine, so eagerly discussed here last October, will have its official premiere at La Jolla Playhouse early next year. According to Playbill, the cast will include Hunter Foster as Richard, Malcolm Gets as Uncle Frank, Georgi James as Olive, Dick Latessa as Grandpa, Jennifer Laura Thompson as Sheryl and Taylor Trensch as Dwayne. Let’s hope that the work done in the workshops has paid off!

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3 Responses to NEWSFLASH: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE to Play La Jolla

  1. Seems like a solid cast to me so far. Now let’s hear some of the material.

  2. Jack Manion says:

    Lapine and William Finn have me more excited than the cast. However, I am a huge Hunter Foster not-fan. He is the worst part of everything he is associated with. Ugh.

  3. Please Hello says:

    With Hunter Foster, I’m a little confused as to why they would pick him for that role, but I can’t really judge him yet since I know nothing about what the writers have changed from the movie. Malcolm Gets got me the most excited out of the cast. A New Brain, anyone? No… oh. I hope he stays with the production if it makes it to New York. Then the rest of cast just made me shrug.

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