Musical Theatre Advent Calendar: A CHORUS LINE

Michael Bennett’s work on the musical A Chorus Line might just be one of the greatest pieces of musical theatre staging ever. Take the number in the clip, for example: “At the Ballet”. It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? Just three monologues linked by theme. In the film, that’s how it is presented, with a few fancy angles thrown in for good measure. That’s how it seems, at first, in this clip. But towards the end of the number, when Maggie’s climactic phrase rings out to the rafters, the upstage area comes to life and it is pure magic. That was Bennett’s specialty: pure magic. Let’s not even get into the brilliance of the “Montage”. We would be here all day. So: if a tour using the original staging is anywhere near you, ever, see it. See it more than once. And if it leaves you cold… well, then, I;m really not sure what’s to be done with you…

Got a special A Chorus Line memory? Head on down to the comment box.

Downloads from

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. A Chorus Line Original Cast Recording MP3 Album. 2. A Chorus Line Broadway Revival Cast Recording MP3 Album. 3. Every Little Step Video on Demand. 4. A Chorus Line Video on Demand.

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