Musical Theatre Advent Calendar: THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS

Today’s musical is something of a Christmas event. It is playing on Broadway now and it will be gone in January. Nope, it’s not Elf. It is The Scottsboro Boys, the new John Kander and Fred Ebb musical, that transferred to Broadway after a successful Off-Broadway run last year. While I despair at the closing of The Scottsboro Boys, I am of the opinion that the Weisslers should have planned to have a legitimate limited run, which would have made the difference in the perception as a success or something that fizzled out before its time. It is sad when creative work such as this cannot find a home on mainstream musical theatre stages of the world. This is precisely the problem created by what Michael John LaChiusa termed the “faux musical” in his article “The Great Grey Way” five years ago. So if you happen to be in New York this December, take yourself on an outing to see The Scottsboro Boys. Make it a Christmas present to yourself, to your partner, to your friend. Wicked may have shinier wrapping paper, but it will probably still be running the next time you get to New York and – well – what is inside the box is more important than that in which it is wrapped.

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FOUR GREAT NEW MUSICALS THAT ARE CLOSING SOON – FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. The Scottsboro Boys Original Cast Recording MP3 Album. 2. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Original Cast Recording MP3 Album. 3. Fela! Original Cast Recording MP3 Album. 4. In the Heights Original Cast Recording MP3 Album.

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1 Response to Musical Theatre Advent Calendar: THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS

  1. Jonathan Murray says:

    This show is one of the most important shows to have run on Broadway. The talent of the cast is AMAZING and the story they have to tell needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

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