101 DALMATIANS: Video Clips and Photos

Playbill has up a gallery of photos from the touring 101 Dalmatians musical. Two of the shots – you can check out the complete gallery by clicking the link above:

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians

I’m sorry, but it looks just awful. The stilts don’t look as if they create a decent sense of perspective at all, unless there’s a lot of lighting to help it along, as there is in the second shot above – and even then it sort of looks like she’s flying! But it looks absolutely ridiculous in the first picture.

BroadwayWorld also has put up video footage of various bits and pieces from the show. Poor Rachel York. What did she do to get stuck doing some second rate tour of what looks like a third rate musical, albeit one based on a classic children’s novel and which is able to trade off of the reputation of a classic family film? All right, let’s be generous – it does look like first rate children’s theatre – but does anyone want to tell me why we’re hearing so many American accents for a story set in London and why a score that surely should use period pastiche sounds, in the sections involving the dogs at least, like those “pop single” versions of classic Disney songs that appear as extras on that studio’s special edition DVDs?

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2 Responses to 101 DALMATIANS: Video Clips and Photos

  1. Eric HG says:

    I have to say Rachel York sounds fantastic and seems to be doing her best. The adults being on stilts and having to walk carefully seems like an accident waiting to happen, the kids look like they’re from a different show (and the mix of real dogs and kids as dogs seems as confusing as I expected).

    All in all it actually reminds me of another family musical that toured the US with no thoughts of Broadway, but based on a lucrative franchise and using one big Broadway name – that awful Casper the Friendly Ghost musical Chita Rivera toured in ten or so years back.

  2. David Fick says:

    Agreed on all counts, especially about Rachel York.

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