East Village Opera Company

I recently discovered the East Village Opera Company, a band who takes classic opera and transforms the music into rock songs. Steering this discovery on topic for the purposes of this blog is the lead singer, Tyley Ross, who starred as Tommy in the Canadian production of Tommy. A browse through the material on their official website shows that when they’re at their best, they certainly are brilliant – even earning a Grammy nomination for their 2008 album, Olde School. For example, here is their version of “La Donna È Mobile”, from their first album La Donna:

It’s fascinating and fantastic! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do – and perhaps pick up one of their albums if you like what you see!

Purchases from Amazon.com

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. The East Village Opera Company CD. 2. Olde School CD.

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5 Responses to East Village Opera Company

  1. Anne Slovin says:

    It’s cool, but I’d rather hear real voices singing this stuff. Although their interpretation of “When I Am Laid in Earth” is haunting and fabulous.

  2. Eric HG says:

    Anne, that’s the very point – you can hear thousands of “opera voices” sing these pieces anywhere already. I find it a pretty neat concept – from the examples I’ve heard, I find some more successful than others, but…

  3. Anne Slovin says:

    Yes, well to each his own. I still prefer glorious ringing operatic voices to pop voices when I listen to “Au Fond du Temple Saint” or the “Flower Duet”. But at least this is a total re-imagining, and not a pop singer trying to sing opera straight.

  4. Scott Powell says:

    In what way is this “fascinating”? It’s obvious that the performers or visuals have no idea what the aria is about, and whomever arranged it has totally butchered the Italian language in order to fit it into some God-awful bastardization of the melody. It sounds like that abomination Hooked on Classics. Heck, I’d even take Charlotte Church and Andrea Boccelli over this crap. At least they try to remain faithful to the score and the style in which they are singing. Poor Verdi.

  5. David Fick says:

    Scott, it is obvious that you either have no idea what this group is trying to do or are unwilling to look at it though the appropriate conceptual framework. The whole point of this is that it’s a total re-imagining of the music and not some pop singer, or some classical wannabe like Charlotte Church or super-cheesy crossover singer like Andrea Boccelli, trying to sing it as straight opera, especially considered that one can hear many opera(tic) voices interpret these pieces on innumerable CDs already. It does not sound like Hooked on Classics and it nowhere near as tacky as those albums were. As Eric commented earlier in response to this post, it’s a neat concept, one that I think was brought to life rather successfully, and that’s why it’s fascinating – whether it’s to your taste or not.

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