“I Know Him So Well”, featuring Susan Boyle

Here’s a “treat”: Elaine Paige singing “I Know Him So Well” with Susan Boyle.

It’s an absolute feast of poor enunciation, bad timing and absent harmonies!

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3 Responses to “I Know Him So Well”, featuring Susan Boyle

  1. Eric HG says:

    I won’t even open this SuBo one. What bugs me is the people buying her don’t really realize that if they want to hear these songs (“I Dreamed a Dream”, “Cry Me a River”, whatever else is on her CD) they could hear much better versions (vocally and in terms of production/arrangement) cheaply elsewhere… but I guess that would negate the SuBo phenomenon.

  2. Hans says:

    This is very weird. David, what do you think of Elaine Paige in general?

  3. David Fick says:

    I go back and forth on Elaine Paige. I don’t like her much on the new Follies recording. (In fact, I’d go as far as saying she is one of the weakest things about it.) However, I think she sounded just fine in the original Chess, although obviously Judy Kuhn sang circles around her. She’s probably not my favourite in any role she’s played, even in roles she’s originated, but I don’t out and out dislike her the way some people do.

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