People has a first look of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Desiree:

Catherine Zeta-Jones

All right, haters, so she looks younger than Glynis Johns – but she does not look 18 either and one part of the approach to this revival is to pitch the characters’ ages in line with Smiles of a Summer Night. Eva Dahlbeck was 35 when she played the role in that film. Zeta-Jones is 40. They look absolutely comparable in terms of their “hit”. I’ve never heard anyone complaining about Dahlbeck and we’ve already been down this road before when Trevor Nunn’s production played London, where ultimately the idea seems to have worked just fine. And word of mouth at this point in time is that she’s good in the role, good enough to offer Christiane Noll, the obvious Best Actress candidate from Ragtime come Tony time, some stiff competition.

So have we got that out of they way? Good.

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