Catherine Zeta-Jones in THE NEW YORK TIMES

There’s an entertaining interview with Catherine Zeta-Jones about the revival of A Little Night Music in The New York Times today: Send in the Song-and-Dance Gal. Here’s some of what Zeta-Jones has to say about the show:

There’s no jazzy hands, no high kicks, no fishnet stockings, but really that’s what excited me. With most musicals you have to fill in the gaps, but here you have what’s already a beautiful Chekhovian play, and the music is a bonus. The characterization is everything. It’s not one of those shows where you can dig about three inches and come out the other end. You can keep digging and digging and digging.

Also interesting is the section of the article in which Nunn justifies casting a younger Desiree in line with the film that inspired the musical, Smiles of a Summer Night. Enjoy it!

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