Playbill has up a series of photos from an event during which the cast and creative team of the revival of A Little Night Music was introduced to the press. Here is a shot of the company (the individual pictures can be seen by following the link above:


I must say that I do like the look of this company very much indeed. Here is a video from YouTube that edits together some short interviews with Angela Lansbury, Alexander Hanson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Leigh Ann Larkin, Trevor Nunn, Lynne Page, Aaron Lazar, Ramona Mallory, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka and Erin Davie from the event:

There is also a second set of interviews from the same event and its interesting to hear the director and actors spin what they’re saying from interview to interview.

My favourite bit is the part where Nunn compares Sondheim (favourably) to Chekhov. That’s almost exactly what this show feels like to me!

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