FRANKENSTEIN: the rock concert musical



Only a few minutes of Halloween left – and the one night only rock concert musical, Frankenstein, has come and gone. With Mary Shelley’s novel having become quite a popular inspiration for the stage of late, this version featuring music, book and lyrics by Rob Asselstine was presented by RGA Productions. The press release for the production stated that the show was aiming to become ‘one of the world’s most compelling Halloween rock musical traditions’, with the idea that the show would be performed somewhere in the world each year on Halloween night. Celina Carvajal played the role of Mary Shelley in this particular concert, which also featured Jack Noseworthy, Danny Zolli, Jessica Robinson, John Saunders, Don Meehan, John Conver and Nachesca Flanagan. News about further productions and the show itself can be found on the show’s official website: Frankenstein Around the World.

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1 Response to FRANKENSTEIN: the rock concert musical

  1. Eric HG says:

    I wish them the best of luck, but don’t they realize there altready is a Halloween tradition based loosely on Frankenstein that’s popular and uses rock music – The Rocky Horror Show? And don’t you think claiming it as a “new tradition” and hyping where it might play next year is just asking for it to flop?

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