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Hot on the heels of our May Madness poll about “The Spice Girls in Musicals”, BroadwayWorld is reporting that Mel C will be in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers:

Melanie Chisholm, the Spice Girl formerly known as Sporty, is set to make her West End debut as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre. She starts her run on October 26….

Chisholm’s former colleague Mel B is the one Spice Girl to have already trodden the musical theatre boards, as Mimi in Rent, and she too has been linked to an autumn West End role – as Paulette in Legally Blonde.

Any thoughts about this? I think the news about Mel C is smashing, although I wonder if anything will come about the rumours of Mel B playing Paulette in the West End transfer of the Nell Benjamin-Laurence O’Keefe-Heather Hach penned musical based on the hit Reese Witherspoon film of the same name.

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5 Responses to NEWSFLASH: Mel C Adds Spice to BLOOD BROTHERS

  1. Brian says:

    I’m not familiar with Blood Brothers, but I always felt that Chisolm was the most underrated Spice Girl and hands down the best singer of all five. So, I’m thrilled that she’s foraying into musical theater.

  2. David Fick says:

    I’m not sure that Chisholm was, in fact, the most underrated Spice Girl. At the time, I remember liking her a great deal and remember many of my friends and I who were fans of the group really appreciating her vocals and her considerable contribution to the success of the group. I remember being very enthusiastic about her solo album – more so than any of the other’s, although I was completely obsessed with Geri Halliwell’s album when it was released – and I loved her duet with Bryan Adams.

    I wonder how her run in Blood Brothers was received and whether she’d ever take on another stage role.

  3. The Little Fellow says:

    I’m not sure that Mel B is playing Paulette in Legally Blonde – I heard that Denise Van Outen is.

  4. Let You Finish says:

    I think Melanie C did very well in Blood Brothers. She was even nominated for Oliver Award and Evening Standard Theatre Award. Someone even recorded her on stage.

  5. The Little Fellow says:

    I wish Mel C was still in Blood Brothers! The musical is amazing in itself, though. I can’t wait to see it again!

  6. Boo says:

    Am going to see Blood Brothers (again!) tomorrow in London, seems they’re keeping with the ex-girl band members theme as now they have Natasha Hamilton, ex-Atomic Kitten, as Mrs Johnstone. Seems she’s had fab reviews so I can’t wait.

  7. swimmingzeppo says:

    I haven’t seen Blood Brothers, but I can certainly imagine that it is great.

  8. Lauren Brooke Ellis says:

    If any Spice Girl could make it on the West End, it would be Melanie C. I would love to see her in this role…

    And now I’m thinking of casting the rest of Legally Blonde with Spice Girls. Baby would be Elle. 🙂

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