LOVE NEVER DIES teaser/trailer

A trailer – of sorts – for Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, has been put up at the official site. It consists mostly of archival shots of NYC and Coney Island over some creepy music, which is named “The Coney Island Waltz”. It’s also up on YouTube:

By the way, if you think this was the worst teaser you’ve ever seen for a musical, then you clearly didn’t see the one for The Addams Family. That was horrible!

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2 Responses to LOVE NEVER DIES teaser/trailer

  1. Arretta Keefer says:

    I really thought it would never be worth seeing but, after listening to the CD with the original cast, I have totally changed my mind. I expected not to like the sequel to Phantom only because I couldn’t imagine how Sir Andrew could possibly come up with anything as beautiful. I was mistaken. I must admit, I was not too excited by the transference of the plot to Coney Island, nor did I like some of the songs relating to that aspect of the characters. However, the music Mr. Lloyd Weber has written for our Phantom (played so fantastically by handsome young singer, Ramin Karimloo), is breathtaking, as are the songs written for Christine (the original actress, Sierra Boggess is perfect). I purchased the cast album after finding Ramin’s official video on YouTube (“Til I Hear You Sing Once More”). There are a few songs that I consider forgettable, however, there are many more that rival the magic of the Phantom’s score. The story is definitely different. But once you hear the score, you, like me, will want more. I cannot wait to be in the audience on opening night to see it when it comes to Broadway.

  2. Arretta Keefer says:

    Buy the CD and listen to it. Besides the fantastic music, there is dialogue. What you don’t know is who dies at the end and what happens. Not what you think. Definitely worth seeing. By the way, check Ramin Karimloo’s video on YouTube singing “Til I Hear You Sing Once More” (the official one, with him wearing a white shirt). I actually posted that video on my Facebook page as a personal valentine for all the women in the world.

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