I finally tracked down a copy of this DVD, a tribute to the music of Richard Rodgers. On the whole, the piece felt a little empty to me, but I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t a general reaction on my part to these “bring a black dress or a tux and perform a song” musical theatre concert type DVDs….

The highlight of the concert, for me, was Judi Dench’s take on “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”. Who knew The Sound of Music could be so funny – intentionally or otherwise?!! The other numbers that I enjoyed most were “Intermission Talk” from Me and Juliet, “Johnny One Note” (which is almost as good as it’s Forbidden Broadway adaptation, “Liza One Note”) and “To Keep My Love Alive”.

On the negative side, I found the Oklahoma! segment a bit feeble – particularly, I suppose, having seen the DVD that was based on that particular production. This performance is a pale shadow of the wonders of that particular revival of the show. The other major lowlight, as far as I’m concerned, was Claire Sweeney’s rendition of “Ten Cents a Dance”. Her singing was a little too uncontrolled for my taste and I found her interpretation bland.

All in all – it’s a fun concert to see. Did it change my life? No. But it’s nice to have in the cupboard to watch the particularly memorable extracts. Certainly, Dench’s rendition of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” is something to have at hand…

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