The “Favourite Beast” Poll

Beauty and the Beast Cover


A simple Beauty and the Beast-related poll. Who is your favourite Beast? Some of the actors who have portrayed this character include Robby Benson (on film), Terrence Mann, James Barbour, Steve Blanchard, Chuck Wagner, Alasdair Harvey, John Barrowman and Michael Cormick. Pick the one you like best and tell us why….

I love Robby Benson’s portrayal in the film and find him pretty much pitch perfect, but of the Beasts I’ve become acquainted with in performances, recordings and videos of the stage production, I’d choose Michael Cormick, who can be heard on the Australian Cast Recording. I’m not particularly fond of the recording as a whole, but there is something about Comick’s performance that vocally represents the image I have of the Beast in my mind more so than the others.

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6 Responses to The “Favourite Beast” Poll

  1. cheerRcker says:

    I like Terence Mann. I think his name is cool and he is a great actor.

  2. Christophe Chancre says:

    Terrence Mann is the Beast !

  3. The Very Angry Woman says:

    Brad Little!

  4. Nick Hoop says:

    James Barbour!!!

  5. Ian Denham says:

    Terrence Mann

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