Playbill has run a great article about this documentary, with some general information and interviews with the filmmakers, Charlotte d’Amboise, Jason Tam and Kay Cole. A couple of choice quotations from d’Amboise and Tam :

Charlotte d’Amboise:Playing Cassie is the hardest thing I’ve done. You have to dance like it’s the last time you’re ever going to dance…. I never ever felt happy with my performance. Well, maybe six times I danced great, sang great, acted great. Usually, one part was missing. Cassie’s fantastic, but it’s not fun. It’s gut-wrenching, and hard in a long run. It wore on me, in a way that surprised me.

Jason Tam: First of all, I wanted to get ‘off book’ completely. It’s hard to find the truth of emotional life and circumstance if I’m tied to what I have to say next. I didn’t want Paul to be a sob story. Paul hasn’t felt sorry for himself for a second. If he did, he wouldn’t be who he is. He disappoints his parents. Even though his father says, ‘Take care of my son,’ in his heart, Paul hears his mother say, ‘Oh, my God!’ In truth, I think it’s his own voice, as well. He has a sort of love-hate relationship with being a dancer and his sexuality. Then I tried to focus on telling the story and getting the job. That’s what he’s there for. The emotional stuff is boiling underneath, whether or not he likes it.

Every Little Step looks like a great piece of work, a testament to one of the greatest musicals ever created. I can’t wait to see it!

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