ET: an extra-terrestrial musical

Following the success of Shrek, Dreamworks has announced a musical adaptation of the classic Spielberg film ET: the Extra-Terrestrial. Playbill reports:

“Looking back at the films we’ve made over the years, [i]ET[/i] seems a natural choice. It reached such a wide audience back then and we hope to introduce the property to new audiences in a new way today,” Spielberg said. A workshop is being planned for fall 2009, with Shrek team Jeanine Tesori and David Lindsay-Abaire providing music and lyrics….

As to the cast, there have been no announcements, but Spielberg said that a genuine Broadway star was being sought to bring ET to life. “We’d see a puppet on stage, but we’ve been talking with Julie Andrews about providing us with a voice for this iconic character. The character lends itself to a limited vocal range and Julie loves the film – so we think it’d be a match made up there in the stars.”

Thoughts, anyone?

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3 Responses to ET: an extra-terrestrial musical

  1. Eric HG says:

    I can’t wait for the big duet between Eliot and ET sung to John Williams main theme! 😀

  2. David Fick says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

  3. Fredrik F says:

    What a pity. Julie Andrews could have phoned in her contribution. Perfectly believable though. I was starting to think what notes the E.T.’s would get when they auditioned: “Can’t sing. Balding. Dances a little.”

    (And E.T. is still good. My daughter cried her eyes out.)

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