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Forgotten Musicals Friday: ONE TOUCH OF VENUS

Another Friday, another forgotten Rodgers and Hart gem from the 1920s. This week, it’s all about Peggy-Ann, one of the six shows that would credit Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart as composer and lyricist respectively in 1926. Continue reading

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Forgotten Musicals Friday: ALL AMERICAN

It’s not often that you look back at a forgotten musical, even when it comes to many of the most notorious flops, and can see very clearly why it is has been forgotten, why it flopped – or both. ALL AMERICAN is precisely such a musical. Continue reading

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Single-Song Showstopper: “He Vas My Boyfriend”

Today’s single-song showstopper is “He Vas My Boyfriend”, from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, a musical comedy by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan. Read the discussion and post your own thoughts! Continue reading

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BLAZING SADDLES! Another Mel Brooks Musical!

The hard part was inventing the candy-gram. The easy part, it seems, is for Mel Brooks to turn his films into stage musicals. Following The Producers and Young Frankenstein, Brooks is working on his third Broadway musical, this time based … Continue reading

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Shrek: the Musical

Shrek the Musical: Shrek is a show that really doesn’t interest me. I guess its pleasant enough, but for me it’s one to file with the Mel Brooks musicals (OK, haha, we get it, ooh silly rude puns, put it … Continue reading

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