March Monikers: “Mame”

Angela Lansbury, the ultimate "Mame"
Angela Lansbury, the ultimate “Mame”

March 2022 at Musical Cyberspace is all about songs with people’s names in the title.

Jerry Herman loves title songs, especially in the form of a tribute to a fabulous female character written for a musical theatre diva to belt out while a chorus dances with and around her. “Mame”, from the show of the same name, is just such a song, written for the electric Angela Lansbury, who was the star of the original production.

Many a star has since played Mame Dennis, including Celeste Holm, Ann Miller and Christine Baranski, but few people think that anyone has given Lansbury a run for her money. If only she’d been cast in the film…

Keen to share your thoughts on “Mame”? Head on to the comment box at the end of this post.

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