May Madness: “One Musical” Composers


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May is a mad month. A month of random musings about various topics related to musical theatre. Feel free to share your thoughts on each topic in the comment box below.

“One Musical” Composers

Some composers only work on one musical. Sometimes that musical catapults them into legend; at other times, they return to the obscurity from whence they once came. Some of these include:

  • Phil Collins, with Tarzan;
  • Sherman Edwards, with 1776;
  • Lisa Lambert, with The Drowsy Chaperone;
  • Jeff Marx, with Avenue Q;
  • Barri McPherson and Mark Schoenfeld, with Brooklyn;
  • Roger Miller, with Big River;
  • Mark Sandrich Jr, with Ben Franklin in Paris; and
  • Pete Townshend, with Tommy.

So, dear readers, can you think of any others?

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5 Responses to May Madness: “One Musical” Composers

  1. Tom Lokensgard says:

    Duncan Sheik – Spring Awakening

  2. Erika says:

    Duncan Sheik has also written Whisper House now, so I don’t believe he can be on the list.

  3. jfmillet says:

    From what research I’ve done…

    Willy Russell – Blood Brothers

  4. David Fick says:

    Duncan Sheik also has Nero, The Nightingale and American Psycho, so he definitely shouldn’t be on the list. As for Willy Russell, he also adapted two of his pieces from the 1970s, the play Sam O’Shanker and the TV broadcast Our Day Out, into musicals. He also wrote a children’s musical called Tam Lin.

  5. To say nothing of constructing John, Paul, George, Ringo… and Bert, which while he didn’t construct the score is still work on a musical.

    At the moment, though she is working on new material so will soon be disqualified, Jill Santoriello (Tale of Two Cities) belongs on this list.

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