May Madness: Movie to Current Broadway Musical to Movie Musical

May is a mad month. A month of random musings about various topics related to musical theatre. Feel free to share your thoughts on each topic in the comment box below.

Movie to Current Broadway Musical to Movie Musical

Which of the currently running Broadway musicals based on movies would you most like to see remade as a movie musical? All right, so Mary Poppins and The Lion King were both musicals to begin with, but both underwent significant changes in the journey from stage to screen. So make a pick and share the reason why you’ve chosen that particular show for the movie musical treatment in the comment box.


My choice would be Billy Elliot. I thoroughly enjoy the score by Elton John and Lee Hall, and think that Hall did a marvelous job adapting the screenplay for the book of the show.

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3 Responses to May Madness: Movie to Current Broadway Musical to Movie Musical

  1. Miss Adelaide says:

    I guess I would say Sister Act so that I could compare it to the original movie with Whoopi Goldberg. Sister Act is one of my all-time favorite movies and I would love to see how it was adapted for a musical production.

  2. Profetikus says:

    I don’t really think The Lion King should fit here. First, it started life as a movie (Disney musical movie) and was then transformed into a musical and second, it’s still played in the West End (don’t know if it’s on Broadway.)

    As for me, I miss Lady and the Tramp as a musical.

  3. David Fick says:

    This poll is about currently running stage musicals on Broadway that are based on movies. The Lion King fits here. Lady and the Tramp, on the other hand, does not.

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