May Madness: Roles to Repeat


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May is a mad month. A month of random musings about various topics related to musical theatre. Today’s post is geared towards performers in musical theatre and I’d love to hear your answers to this question:

Which roles would you play again?

I would love to play the Man in Marry Me a Little, the Craig Lucas musical composed of cut Stephen Sondheim songs, again. I feel like I will feel the same way about Man 1 in Edges, the Benj Pasek and Justin Paul musical for which I am currently in rehearsal. Both are very fulfilling in different ways and I loved every minute of Marry Me a Little and am loving every second of Edges as we prepare for our opening at the start of next month.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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19 Responses to May Madness: Roles to Repeat

  1. Rorgg says:

    I’ll say, voluntarily, there’s a professional role I’m going back out for shortly that I wouldn’t go audition for in an amateur production. My list, out of my 20 shows in the can:

    Horton (Seussical)
    Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors)

    That’s it. The other 18, I’m content with my prior experience with the show, or I’d only want to play a different part.

  2. I don’t have many “good” roles to my name as of yet, but I’d love to do Lucy again in any of the Peanuts shows (I played her in Snoopy!!!, which I’d easily do again, but would love to play her in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown or Dog Sees God). I feel like I did her justice and all (despite the fact that I was a much worse singer then), but it was just so much fun I’d love to do the part again.

    I’d also like to do Eileen in Back to the 80’s again with a good cast. Such a poorly written jukebox musical, but I still think it could be a lot of fun if I was part of a better cast. (I do LOVE 80’s music though.)

  3. I easily get fed up of shows once I’ve finished a run. The only parts I’d like to play again are Mary in Merrily We Roll Along and Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde. Mary because I’m so much older and have more experience. I think i could do the part better now. Lucy because it’s a great part and I wouldn’t mind playing the role without vocal illness!

  4. There’s a couple I could play the rest of my life:

    Harry Witherspoon from Lucky Stiff. I’ve had the pleasure of playing him twice with the same cast and it was a joy both times. Just a fun show and a great role.

    Sparky from Forever Plaid. This is another one I’ve done multiple times and loved each one of them.

    H.G. Wells from Twilight of the Gods. A role I had the honor of originating last summer and one I could easily play the rest of my life. Just over the top comedic fun with a fantastic evil turn at the end that just has me wanting to play him over and over.

    Leo Bloom from The Producers. What can I say…it’s The Producers!

  5. Elliott Folds says:

    I complain about it a lot, but I’d do Godspell again in a heartbeat. And playing Randy in Curtains was a great experience, as well, if only because I got “Kansasland” all to myself. 😛

  6. Maggie Larrivee says:

    I could play Cinderella in Into the Woods for the rest of my life. Also, I would really love a chance at Fantine (Les Miserables) again when I’m older. I was only 17 when I played her (student edition of course), so I would love to revisit that role someday.

  7. Kitness says:

    This is hard to answer for me, because with most of my favourite roles, I had such a good time that I’d be afraid to do it again and not have it live up to the nostalgia. That said, I would play Kate McGowan from Titanic again, because I adore not only that show but also that particular character. Even though I’m happy with my performance in the role, I’d love to have another crack at it just to fix the few choices I made, that I felt could have been stronger. I’d do Johanna from Sweeney Todd again as well, but I can’t imagine playing that role without being surrounded by the same cast (leads especially). I’d love to take my cast and remount the show with a stronger director (or MD was brilliant, but artistically the direction lacked somewhat). We had very experienced performers so the cast did amazingly just working things out on their own, but I’d love to see what we could have done with proper direction.

  8. Charles Alonzo Early says:

    If I was a great dancer, I would want to play Alonzo from CATS again. I just loved playing him.

  9. Brackynn says:

    I would play Abigail from The Crucible again in a heartbeat. It was such a challenging and rewarding role in a brilliant play. I loved playing her so much, and it would be interesting to see what else I could bring to the role the second time around.

    I would also jump at the chance to revisit Constanze from Amadeus. Throughout rehearsals and performance it was as if I was constantly learning new things about her and it wasn’t until the very last week of our season that I felt I really hit my stride in my performance. So when we closed, I didn’t feel like I was done with her, if that makes sense. That said, doing that role with a different cast would be so bizarre. They’d have to be amazing to match my first Amadeus experience.

    And I’m tempted to say Cosette in Les Miserables, but it’s not the role itself that I loved so much, but the production. If we could get the same cast and production team together, recreate the production, and tour it, for instance, I’d definitely do it (especially since I think I’m a better singer now than I was two years ago!). Best group of people I’ve ever worked with. I still get bouts of Les Mis PSD.

  10. Rorgg says:

    They really need to get on the ball with Les Mis. My whole generation has never had a shot at the show, because only the SE has been available, and it came out after we were too old to have a crack at it.

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