30 Musicals in 30 Days: Musicals Made Into Movies

Post a song from a musical you wish was (never) made into a movie.

The brackets make this one wide open. Perhaps I’ll pick something from somewhere in the middle, namely ‘a musical that I wish was never made into (the movie it was), but which I wish was made into a (better) movie.’ Got it? And the choice is Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s A Little Night Music. Harold Prince, who did a brilliant job of the show on stage, floundered when he translated the show to film. There are many reports of how much he disliked the process of making the film, and it shows. A genius of the theatre, film is not a medium that works for Prince.

I was going to post “A Weekend in the Country”, which is probably the most effectively shot part of the film, but I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube, so I went for the most well known song: “Send in the Clowns”.

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