30 Musicals in 30 Days: A Disappointing Musical

Post a song from a musical which disappointed you.

About halfway through the first act of We Will Rock You, I was dumbfounded. The Queen songs are wonderful but the book is a disaster. Ben Elton’s dialogue is basically a series of clunky one-liners, some of which raise a mild chuckle but which basically fall flat. There is no consistency in the story: one thing I found immensely jarring was the fact that, for someone who is trying to suppress and destroy rock music, the Killer Queen sings an awful lot. And the love story is never resolved – all right, there’s a poor attempt at a resolution after the curtain calls and at the end of the encore (“Bohemian Rhapsody”). Galileo and Scaramouche share a kiss as they sing, “Nothing really matters to me.” A little odd, no?

All I could think the whole way through was how the show would be quite interesting as a Dragonball Z style cartoon feature. I don’t know why; perhaps the 1-D quality of the visuals would help disguise the 1-D quality of the script?!! And of course all the design elements in the show recall that kind of visual feel…

I could not even access the show on the level that it was “so bad that it was good”. I did not find it engaging at all and I, personally, wouldn’t make any particular effort to see it a second time. It’s a devastatingly awful piece of theatre.

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