30 Musicals in 30 Days: A Favourite Compser’s Musical

Post a song by your favourite musical composer.

The choice of composer is easy: Stephen Sondheim. But which song? That’s the tough part. Perhaps, then, I should simply go for the first one that springs to mind, “The Road You Didn’t Take” from Follies. This number really lets us into Ben’s head and it was a significant misstep to cut this from the original London production. (Possibly not as great a sin as the altered ending and the substitution of the songs in the climatic Follies sequence, but that’s another story.) Besides being a great character piece, I just find it haunting. When this song gets into my head, it sticks around for hours and I don’t tire of it. There’s so much to it. I’d love to play Ben one day. Dreams, hey? Anyway, here is John McMartin performing the song in the original production. Enjoy!

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