30 Musicals in 30 Days: Musical Impact

Post a song from the musical which made the most impact on you.

I had to think hard about this one – and then realised that the answer wasn’t so far out of my grasp after all. The musical that made the most impact on me was a production of Peter Pan that I saw when I was in primary school. The production included some songs from the Disney film – notably “The Second Star to the Right”, which was sung as a lullaby to the Darling children, as well as other songs. Why this production? Well, it was this show that sealed the deal for me when it came to musicals. After this show, I started taking drama classes. I took my music lessons more seriously (though, alas, not seriously enough). I played out scenes from the show in my garden with my sister and neighbours for months afterwards. So here is the song I remember most well from that show, in the version heard in the Disney film from whence it came:

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