30 Musicals in 30 Days: A Familiar Musical

Post a song from a musical of which you know all (or nearly all) the lines.

There are certainly a few of these. The Sound of Music is one – and I sing through all of the songs while I’m running. I think I run about 13km in the time it takes me to sing through the score. Another is Marry Me a Little, in which I performed a couple of years ago. However, for today’s musical I am going to choose my favourite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical: South Pacific. I love this show dearly and I think it is probably the Rogers and Hammerstein show that will endure the longest. I once played Joe Cable in this show and loved every minute of the process. Which song should I pick? I toyed with choosing the song cut from the original production, “My Girl Back Home”, which was re-instated in the film and in the recent revival. But ultimately I chose what, for me, is the most moving song in the show, “This Nearly Was Mine”. Here it is, sung by Paulo Szot, who played Emile to Tony Award winning-effect on Broadway just a couple of years ago:

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