30 Musicals in 30 Days: A Song That Makes You Sad

Post a song that makes you sad or teary.

The song I have chosen today is “We Do Not Belong Together” from Sunday in the Park with George, which features a score by Stephen Sondheim and a book by James Lapine. I must admit, it took me a long time to warm to Sunday in the Park with George, mainly because I am not the biggest Mandy Patinkin fan and had to deal with getting passed his mannerisms before I could actually take on board the material itself. I really have a great appreciation for the show and find many part of it incredibly moving, although I think the second act is not as seamlessly constructed as the first. There are other moments that make me teary in Sunday in the Park with George – the sheer beauty “Sunday”, for example – but there is only one part that I find devastatingly sad. “We Do Not Belong Together” makes me weep because of its truth. This song is unflinchingly honest and there is added resonance for me: I once date an artist and I discovered this show in its entirety shortly after we broke up. However, this song is so much more than that. It is a universal statement, perfectly moulded for the mouths of the two characters we see on stage.

I couldn’t find a video clip from the original Broadway production of “We Do Not Belong Together” (in which Bernadette Peters breaks your heart on every note) on YouTube, so here’s a clip from another production:

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