30 Musicals in 30 Days: An Overrated Musical

Post a song demonstrating how overrated you think a musical is.

Wicked has its moments. Sure, the book lacks focus and the second act is a complete mess-up story-wise, but part of the score is on the right track. It’s in numbers like this one where the wheels come off completely:

Dear Stephen Schwartz, the score for Wicked shouldn’t sound like the soundtrack for low budget porn. But that’s what you get when you recycle trunk songs from the 1970s, making only a few cosmetic changes to make the song sound as if it belongs in the score into which it has been placed. (By the way, the video features the marvelously glam Adam Lambert as Fiyero and Rachel Gonzalez as Elphaba, which means it’s from either the national tour or Los Angeles productions of the show from 2005-2008.)

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