The “Guido” Conundrum

NINE in London

NINE in London

After giving my 1992 Concert Cast Recording of Nine another spin, I find myself wondering yet again whether there will ever be a Guido as effective as Raul Julia. Take this album for instance: closer to complete than any other commercially available recording, a huge symphonic orchestra and a cast that reads like a who’s who of British musical theatre talent.

One of the worst parts, unfortunately, is having to suffer through Jonathan Pryce as Guido, something that reminded me why this is my least favourite recording of Nine and why I hardly ever listen to it.

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1 Response to The “Guido” Conundrum

  1. Elliott Folds says:

    I agree completely. He’s my least favorite Guido. Honestly, I keep coming back to it just for the orchestra and rarely used male/female chorus. There are very few things in the score as thrilling as the moment when the entire chorus blasts out “This is the Grand Canal!” that first time. Whew. Love it.

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