The cast of Sondheim on Sondheim is heading into the studio today to finish recording the cast album of the show. Word is that Sondheim’s commentary from the video footage will be on the album, which is a huge plus point – especially for someone like me who doesn’t see the strident new arrangements popping up on his personal iTunes playlist very often at all, no matter how well the admittedly amazing cast interprets them. However, for those who want to subject themselves to the new arrangements, it might be interesting to hear that there are rumours about the exclusion of several numbers from the album, including: “Do I Hear a Waltz?”, “Ah, But Underneath”, “In Buddy’s Eyes”, “Epiphany” and the “A Weekend in the Country”, “Ever After” and “Sunday” medley that closes the first act of the show.

As an aside – many Sondheim fans across the Internet are clamouring for a DVD release of the show or a DVD to accompany the cast recording with the interview footage on it, but – if we’re going to talk DVDs – I’d rather see that footage interspersed with archival performances from the actual shows or, when that kind of material isn’t available, with filmed reproductions of the songs as they were originally seen in their original productions. This might raise the production budget considerably, but – in my humble opinion – it would be money well spent.

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