Details for the cast recording of the revival of A Little Night Music have been released by Nonesuch and PS Classics. The album will hit stores on 6 April, with pre-order dates for those ordering directly from the labels’ websites coming soon.

Produced by Tommy Krasker, the 2-disc set will not only include the classic Stephen Sondheim score but will also contextualise the numbers through the generous use of sections of Hugh Wheeler’s book for the show. The track list for the album is as follows:

Disc One

1. Overture / Night Waltz
2. Prologue: “The night smiles…”
3. Now
4. Later
5. Soon
6. The Glamorous Life
7. Remember?
8. You Must Meet My Wife
9. “A virgin”
10. Liaisons
11. In Praise of Women
12. Every Day a Little Death
13. “The tour’s over for a while…”
14. A Weekend in the Country

Disc Two

1. The Sun Won’t Set
2. Night Waltz II
3. It Would Have Been Wonderful
4. Perpetual Anticipation
5. Send in the Clowns
6. The Miller’s Son
7. Soon (reprise) / You Must Meet My Wife (reprise)
8. “A wooden ring”
9. A Weekend in the Country (reprise) / Every Day a Little Death (reprise)
10. Send in the Clowns (reprise)
11. Last Waltz

The cast album was recorded on 4 January, with – thank goodness – an expanded orchestration (from 8 to 12 pieces). Definitely one for the wish-list!

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