NEWSFLASH: Seth Rudetsky Interviews Maury Yeston

Maury Yeston

Above: Maury Yeston

Seth Rudetsky has written about Nine in his latest “Onstage and Backstage” column at Playbill. If you scroll down past the Christmas Eve story, you’ll find an interview with Maury Yeston – not much new here if you’ve been following the press trail for the film – and a talk through of the premiere.

Yeston does make one interesting point about the film later on in the interview:

Maury had a great point about when people ask him how he can support changes in the script or the score. They’ll say “Are you OK with what they’ve done to your musical?” and he says “They haven’t done anything to my musical. The musical has stayed the same. This is the film.”

Well now that’s a backhanded compliment if ever I heard one…

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