First Look at Lansbury’s “Liasons”

Here’s a first look at Angela Lansbury’s rendition of “Liasons” from the Broadway revival of A Little Night Music.

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5 Responses to First Look at Lansbury’s “Liasons”

  1. Fredrik F says:

    I just caught up with this. It’s wonderful to hear. Angela Lansbury does a very funny, and a very shrewd Old Madame Armfeldt, it seems. Not the half-senile woman lines like “Where was I?” imply she is. She seems even to get the rhyme “raisons-liaisons”. Wonderful.

    I wish I could hear some more of Erin Davie. She is a plain-looking Countess Malcom, isn’t she? Not the elegant society queen we’ve seen before. Which is nice.

  2. Anne Slovin says:

    I loved that she seemed to be cognizant of how “cute” the rhyme is – the character was proud of herself for having come up with it, in a childish kind of way.

    I feel like I really ought to try to see this, if only to see Angela in person. *sighs*

  3. Fredrik F says:

    But Angela Lansbury always is a bit on the muggy side, isn’t she? She’s the analytic kind of actress who likes to use her hands and face to show us the character rather than just emoting the emotions. That music hall quality about her is what makes her appealing. I suppose her Armfeldt should be rather like her Countess Aurelia was – dotty but shrewd. An honest caricature.

  4. Eric HG says:

    Or a softened version of her Countess Herthe von Ornstein!

  5. Fredrik F says:

    Or of her Aunt Adelaide! With a softer nose. Gotta get Something for Everyone sometime.

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