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Now here is a musical that sounds pretty interesting. Inspired by Son Of Dork’s album Welcome to Loserville album, the show is about 17-year old geek and loser, Michael Dork, who is always being on by his classmates – until Holly, a beautiful new girl, arrives and introduces him to the world of being “cool”. Songwriter James Bourne has teamed up with Elliot Davis to shape a musical using songs from the album and some new material. The show is being staged will be staged from 20 – 22 August at Bracknell’s South Hill Park Arts Centre and Bourne seems to think that things are all set for a London transfer next year, having stated on Twitter that he has signed a deal ‘to take Loserville to the West End!’ This is yet another musical aiming to appeal to people who are not generally musical theatre fans – and I must say that I think it sounds pretty cool. Offbeat and funky.

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