First Look at THE ADDAMS FAMILY Cast

Ladies and Gentlemen, courtesy of BroadwayWorld‘s reporting on a Vanity Fair article, we have the first picture of the cast:

The Addams Family in VARIETY

The rest of the cast has been announced: the ensemble features Merwin Foard, Jim Borstelmann, Erick Buckley, Colin Cunliffe, Rachel de Benedet, Valerie Fagan, Matthew Gumley, Fred Inkley, Morgan James, Clark Johnsen, Barrett Martin, Jessica Lea Patty, Liz Ramos, Samantha Sturm, Charlie Sutton and Alena Watters. I see there’s also a puppeteer attached, so I guess we know how Thing will be handled.

It certainly looks as though it will be a lot of fun and, looking at the principle cast in costume, they look right… but I wonder how they sound. I hope Andrew Lippa has created a score that is more dramatically appropriate for the show than the one he wrote for The Wild Party. He’s one composer in contemporary musical theatre who I feel still has to prove himself, although he has done so in spades as a musical and vocal arranger.

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1 Response to First Look at THE ADDAMS FAMILY Cast

  1. Eric HG says:

    I think it would be hard for Lippa not to write a score that is more dramatically appropriate than The Wild Party. At least this is my hope – I do think he’s talented (I love john & jen and a few random songs by him) and I think this kind of show could be ideal for him. Certainly I have to admit I’ve come around to this project, between the cast, some early word of mouth, the interesting choice in directing team… We’ll see I guess.

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