Broadway Revival of PROMISES, PROMISES

Variety has reported that following the LA production of Parade, Rob Ashford will begin prepping the Broadway revival of Promises, Promises that has been rumoured ever since Ashford staged a reading of the Burt Bacharach musical in March 2008:

(Rob Ashford is) on board to helm a potential revival of Promises, Promises that could materialize on the Rialto in the spring…. (The show) has Craig Zadan, Neil Meron and the Weinsteins on the list of attached producers.

Only whispers, perhaps – but exciting ones. I think it’s about time Promises, Promises had a revival on Broadway. I wonder if Sean Hayes or Anne Hathaway, who participated in the aforementioned reading, are still attached to the project in any way.

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1 Response to Broadway Revival of PROMISES, PROMISES

  1. Eric HG says:

    I really dislike Sean Hayes for the role, but could be persuaded.

    I hear now Zooey Deschanel is being considered for the female lead instead of Anne Hathaway which suits me – Hathaway is great and all but IMHO she seems way too put together and almost flawless for the sligthly off kilter role.

    I’m more curious about if any revisions will be made. I hope not at least not many. Ashford is super talented but will he even try to do a new “Turkey Lurkey Time” or keep the famous Bennett number? Will they be able to afford singers for the pit in the current Broadway climate? Etc?

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