The Big Move II

So the next section of the site content has been moved over to WordPress. That bittersweet feeling of seeing the old pass away and the new come into being applies. So what’s here now?

ALW Banner

All the material that was on the old “Any Dream Will Do” section of the site is here and can be accessed using the page links in the bar above.
Yes, I know there are still a few of the ALW Musicals missing, but these were housed in the general long-running shows section. So they will be here shortly.

Lloyd Webber has created some of the most commercially successful musicals of the past four decades: some have catered perfectly for the tastes of the contemporary musical ear; others have been less popular but nonetheless given audience several of the most visually spectacular productions ever seen. So whether you’re a fan who listens to “the music of the night” all day long or someone who’s just experienced Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the first time ever – come along with us and explore the worlds that Andrew Lloyd Webber and his many collaborators have created. Show listings are all alphabetical.

Step two of the big move is over. When that’s all done, I’ll continue blogging as I did before Geocities announced their date of closure and things began to feel a bit more urgent.

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