The Big Move

So I’ve finally shifted the first section of the site content over. It’s quite sad to see all the old pages deleted, but quite exciting to see the new pages grow. So what’s here now?

Disney Banner

All the material that was on the old “Elaborate Lives” section of the site is here and can be accessed using the page links in the column on the right. Disney films seem to be a part of everybody’s youth – and their recent move to the Great White Way aims to cultivate new audiences for the Broadway musical. So you can call up the wonderful memories that the classic stories told in the Disney musicals hold for you, whether you’ve been wishing on a star since you can remember or whether you’re planning to make a “Supercalifragilisticexpiali-docious” trip to the theatre for the first time ever.

Yes, I know there are still a few of the Disney Musicals missing, but these were housed in the general long-running shows section. So they will be here shortly.

Step one of the big move is over. When that’s all done, I’ll continue blogging as I did before Geocities announced their date of closure and things began to feel a bit more urgent. I might find some time in between, though. I just watched the new DVD concert version of Chess and there are definitely one or two things I have to say about that…

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