101 Dalmatians II is one of the better Disney DTV sequels. While it’s not in the same league as the original, it’s also nowhere near as abysmal as some of the sequels have been. The team behind this film at least tries to match the tone set by the original and that’s mainly why the film works – even when the narrative isn’t quite as focused as it could be.

But the highlight for me is the appearance of Will Young on the soundtrack as he sings “Try Again”, underscoring a montage of failed attempts on the part of Thunderbolt and Lucky to get the attention of the British press with their “heroic” events. Here’s the video, courtesy of YouTube:

While I was looking for the music video, I also managed to find a video of Will Young offering some words of wisdom on the message of the song.

Very Disney, indeed!

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1 Response to 101 DALMATIANS II

  1. Charles V says:

    Sorry to be a party-pooper, but my favourite part of the movie was not watching it at all. I figured after the first one, it couldn’t get worse!

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