May Madness: The Spice Girls in Musicals

May is a mad month. A month of random musings about various topics related to musical theatre. Feel free to share your thoughts on each topic in the comment box below.

The Spice Girls in Musicals

Everyone remembers the Spice Girls, right? Mel B (Scary), Mel C (Sporty), Victoria (Posh), Emma (Baby) and Geri (Ginger)? Well, what do you think they would be like in musicals – and what roles do you think would suit them?


Melanie Brown has already appeared in RENT as Mimi, but what about the others? Your thoughts, please.

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7 Responses to May Madness: The Spice Girls in Musicals

  1. I love you for making all of the options lyrics from their songs!!!!

  2. The Little Fellow says:

    I saw Melanie C in Blood Brothers this March and she was really good. Her voice is strong and she played the role perfectly! I think Mel B would also be good in the West End though. I’m not sure about the other 3 and I don’t think they have strong enough voices – especially Posh!

  3. Profetikus says:

    Oh, I thought you meant a Spice Girl musical and thought, “Why not, they’re spice enough to spin a musical around.” 😆

  4. swimmingzeppo says:

    The Spice Girls would be an amazing musical! A group of zany girls singing their way through their crazy adventures. I can just imagine what they would get themselves into. Who’s writing this? I’ll write it!

    I think Ginger Spice would be an interesting choice to be in a retro show like Anything Goes – she has the look and voice to go along with it.

  5. Lauren Brooke Ellis says:

    Even though Ginger was my favorite Spice Girl growing up, I went back and listened to their first album the other day. Sporty was definitely the best singer (followed by Ginger or Scary).

    I mean, they’re singers. Some of them weren’t as good as others (*cough* POSH *cough*), but hey – let ’em do what they can with what they have.

    Just re-read the original post: in my head, Mel B would be a PERFECT Mimi!

  6. London Chatterbox says:

    Mel C definitely has the best voice! I can’t really see the others in a musical – maybe Emma Bunton or Geri Halliwell, but definitely not Posh Spice!

  7. Brian says:

    And she’d be the first one to agree with you. 🙂

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