THE FLINTSTONES: A Yabba Dabba Musical?



Jeff Marx, the man responsible for the Tony-winning score of Avenue Q, and Jake Anthony are in negotiations with Marco Pennette, who currently works on the popular sitcom Samantha Who?, with the aim of collaborating on a stage musical adaptation of the classic television series, The Flintstones. A project for Warner Brothers Theatre Ventures, the show would put a contemporary spin on the show, with possible plotlines including Wilma wondering whether Fred still acts too much like a caveman, not having adapted to more modern ways, and whether she should leave him; Barney and Betty tackling fertility issues and then adoption; and the current problem of global warming, though because the characters live prior to the ice age, they will be faced with “global cooling.”

Now, I enjoyed the TV series when it was on television when I was younger, though I am not sure how I would feel re-visiting it now. The series certainly didn’t work well as the basis for the couple of live action films that were made by Universal at the tail end of the last century. Given the people that are working on this project and the satirical whimsy of particularly Marx’s work, that The Flintstones has a chance of being a piece of solid entertainment as long as it morphs into its own thing and doesn’t slavishly try to reproduced what made the concept work in a very different medium.

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6 Responses to THE FLINTSTONES: A Yabba Dabba Musical?

  1. Karen O’Connell says:

    If it happens, I don’t think it will run. The Flintstones is yesterday’s TV. Adults think of it as kids cartoons. Kids don’t know what it is, or don’t care, or won’t be allowed to see it if it’s anything like Avenue Q. It would have to be really funny and really good.

  2. Annie says:

    Sounds kinda funny! I didn’t even know there was a Flintstones musical on the way.

  3. Abby Schulman says:

    Global cooling! LOL. Eh. I’m not sure if this is the best idea, but hey, I guess they’re going for it.

  4. Charles Alonzo Early says:

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

  5. Steph Carver says:

    Seriously? Is this really what Broadway audiences want to see??? It’s the guys who did Avenue Q, which gives me hope that it could be funny. It looks like its going to be a little more for adults, which could be hilarious, yet I am still undecided. 🙂

  6. WSSFan says:

    The Flintstones were cool and funny during their time. My sister and I used to watch them pretty regularly on TV. I don’t think that program would make a good live Broadway production. It’s a little too puerile and facile for that.

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