NEWSFLASH: Liza is Back on Broadway!


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Earlier this month, Playbill announced that Liza Minnelli’s new Broadway concert, Liza’s at the Palace…!, would be seen on the Great White Way from 3-14 December and ticket sales for the run opened yesterday.

The concert, advertised as “an incomparable Minnelli songfest including many of her personal favorites and signature hits, followed by a dance-filled tribute to the groundbreaking late-1940s nightclub act of Minnelli’s godmother, Kay Thompson” is currently in rehearsal. Playbill’s gallery of rehearsal photos reveal that Liza is in such great shape. She looks stunning, so go on and take a peek!

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6 Responses to NEWSFLASH: Liza is Back on Broadway!

  1. Enrique Sanchez says:

    Yes! She looks great. I was worried about her a few years ago when she got all flabby and would appear drunk in interviews. Glad to have her back! I’d see her if she were performing closer to me. I love her and all her quirkiness.

  2. Dot's Parasole says:

    She needs to retire. Sorry, but she lost it years ago.

  3. David Fick says:

    Pshaw. Liza’s terrific.

  4. TR Wolf says:

    I get tempted to listen to “Liza One Note” by Forbidden Broadway.

  5. Enrique Sanchez says:

    I’m glad she’s still performing. From what I’ve heard of her singing lately, she still sounds great.

  6. Masquerade Dancer says:

    I went to a concert on her October 2009 Australian tour, I must say she was FABULOUS. The show was almost the same as Liza’s at the Palace. I was so happy that she sang “Liza with a Z” it’s a great song. I love Liza. 😀

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